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RETROMIXER’s Helpful Guide to World Water Day UK

RETROMIXER’s Helpful Guide to World Water Day UK

What is World Water Day UK?

Every year, the 22nd March is dedicated to taking action towards achieving safe, drinkable water for everyone around the globe. Its a day to stop what you’re doing and make difference to the world’s current clean water condition. Charity, Water Aid joins forces with regular people from all over the world to organise events, sponsorships and even social media posts with the aim to raise funds to bring clean water to communities for the very first time. 

Why is World Water Day UK important?

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Good question! Imagine living without everyday access to clean water. You may take your fresh, endless supply for granted but if you reflect on how often you’ve used clean water even today you’ll realise how much you rely on it. Think about it- sipping from that glass of water you left beside your bed, showering, brewing that essential pre-work coffee- and thats even before you left the house! This is far from the case in some developing countries. In fact, according to Life Water, there are a staggering 844 million people who live without access to clean water, which roughly translates to 1 in 9 over the world. Its not just a concern about hygiene, its a matter of life and death. More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war. Additionally, water-borne diseases kill more children under the age of five that malaria, measles, and HIV/AIDS combined. To help their families, women and girls in these areas must spend up to 6 hours everyday walking to fetch safe water. But not for long, World Water Day is putting a stop to it!

What are people doing for World Water Day UK?

The public are fighting unclean water in their own individual ways to raise money and awareness for the cause. Some are setting up fun-filled fundraising events including dance nights and karaoke parties (what water-themed song would you sing?), others are taking part in Water Aid’s #Blue4Water by going about their daily duties wearing blue, and others are doing their part for the cause by simply donating what they can through the charity’s website. And, of course, one can spread the message, whether or not they’re actively participating, by using the hashtags #Blue4Water and #WorldWaterDay and tagging @WaterAidUK in their social media posts. 

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How can you Change your Wasteful Water Ways?

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Has this information influenced you to put an end to your ample H2O use? Change your ways and save your waves this World Water Day UK with some easy, everyday life hacks! 

  1. Brushing your teeth is a must, but leaving the water running isn't. As water comes out at an average of 2.5 gallons per minute, turn the tap off in-between. 
  2. If you’re starting to feel that your car could really use a good clean, take it to a water-recycling car wash instead of manually hosing it down.
  3. Fix your leaks! Yes, you can’t be bothered, but think of all of that wasted water dripping away. Get it over and done with and you’ll feel great for putting in the effort. Or maybe just call a plumber. 
  4. Pasta! We knew food would keep you interested. And it turns out the way you make your favourite Italian dish can be transformed into further sustainability by re-using the the water you boil it in. 
  5. Water your outdoor plants in the early morning- you don't need as much water because the cooler morning temperatures mean less water is lost to evaporation! Who knew? Its all about the little things.

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And, of course, you can save up to 43% of your water usage with a simple RETROMIXER easily applied to your separate taps, which is two life hacks in one as it also saves you from the inconvenience of the extreme hot and cold temperatures of this sink system! Available here

So there it is! Now you know why we celebrate World Water Day UK and what can be done to help! For more information about the occasion and how to take part, please visit wateraid.org or worldwaterday.org.