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RETROMIXER is proud not only to make everyday tasks more comfortable and convenient for our customers, but also to be an independent startup who is forward thinking about sustainability and reducing waste. Our vision is to do both simultaneously.

Reducing Water Usage

We were extremely pleased to discover that, through using our product, the typical household significantly reduces their water usage. In fact, working with NERC and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, RETROMIXER conducted indepth research and found that, on average, people save around 43.3% of water resources with their RETROMIXER installed.

Reducing Energy Usage 

We were eager to explore this further and were even happier to learn about the increasing effect this has on sustainability and helping many users live eco-friendlier lives just by going about their day-to-day business.

People are clearly using much less water and this has a knock-on effect on the amount of energy they are using within their homes. The study showed that those with a RETROMIXER conserved energy by around 34.8% directly from their heating systems. This also means they are saving money on their energy bills by reducing their need for water heating. Specifically, they are saving as much as £25 a year on average, showing a return on investment of roughly 8 months as the RETROMIXER is sold at the retail price of £16.99.

Reducing Emissions 

Additionally, the study showed that using our device, originally thought to only reduce water usage, has allowed all users to decrease their emissions by around 36.72% by having the RETROMIXER installed as they completed  everyday tasks such as washing their hands and faces and doing the dishes. This equates into an amount that could reduce almost 1% of UK household emissions accounting for household fuels, private vehicles, public transport and international aviation.

This means that, with a RETROMIXER, you can go about your day-to-day routine and cutback on waste to this substantial level! 

VIBES Awardees

This isn’t the first time RETROMIXER has been acknowledged as an environmentally-friendly business for our effect on sustainable living. Scottish award association VIBES (Vision In Business for the Environment of Scotland), who recognise organisations demonstrating exceptional environmental performance, presented RETROMIXER with a Finalist in Innovation certificate in 2016.  

What Next?

As fulfilling as these statistics are, this isn’t where it ends for RETROMIXER. Our objective is to continue developing life-hack products that allow everyday tasks to take a significant step towards sustainable living.