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Celebrities who are really good (and really bad) for the environment!

Celebrities who are really good (and really bad) for the environment!

With the range of access celebrities have today, there are numerous options of activities famous people can take on as side projects. Some have delved into other arts, others have moved into politics, and there are even those dabbling with  divinity. However, there are a handful of stars who’s hobbies are having an effect on the environment, although not always for the better. 

Retromixer has done some homework and compiled a list of the A-(environmenta)listers doing good for the planet, and the big names who are not quite as heated up about global warming. Starting with the stars of sustainability:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

As possibly one of the most vocal celebrity environmentalists, its no secret that the Great Gatsby star offers a great gambit in favour of saving the planet. His foundation, aptly-named the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, has a titanic amount of projects focusing on environmental, animal protection and social injustice activism. The projects support small solar companies in developing countries, accelerate the transition to clean, renewable energy and have even defended Our Children’s Trust after the US government endangered them by creating hazardous climate conditions. Throughout all this, Leo, himself, has departed from $30 million to donate to his foundation. Additionally, he's a frequenter at climate change-focused events including the Davos Economic Forum and the People’s Climate Change March in New York City and was even spotted having private chats with the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, during the Paris climate negotiations.

2. Mark Ruffalo

The biggest Avenger is not only green onscreen. He's shining a spotlight on protecting the environment, a lot of times through written form. His protesting points are often posted on his social media page and, offline, the Foxcatcher star wrote a letter to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper expressing his views against fracking, as well as penning an op-ed in the Denver Post  with similar sentiments. Additionally, Ruffalo is the Founder of Water Defense- an organisation dedicated to banning hydraulic fracturing in New York who’s mission is “to use technology and public engagement to keep our waterways and drinking water sources free from contamination and industrial degradation.” With his efforts towards a clean environment, it seems that Mark wants this world to feel just like heaven. 

3. Yoko Ono

Ruffalo's not the only one who's tough on fracking. Veteran celebrity Yoko Ono has committed to the grand fight towards activism for the cause. As well as battling for peace, feminism and gun control, all of which amounting to her Observer Ethical Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, she founded the Artists Against Fracking foundation. Her organisation features a roster of celebrities in her corner including Robert de Niro, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, the list goes on. Seems like an awesome party, if you don't mind being lectured every now and again. 

And then those who have emphasised Earth's emissions:

1. Madonna

Yes, she performed at the Live Earth Benefit concert in 2007. Despite that, according to Huffington Post, the singer has invested millions of dollars into some of the globe’s greatest corporate polluters, including BP, causing her to have a large emissions contribution. Her music may create a great atmosphere, but her actions certainly don't.




2. David Koch

The co-owner of Koch Industries has also impacted the environment with green dollars rather than green solutions. On top of expressing his skepticism about climate change, the billionaire donated millions of dollars to climate change denial groups, says Huffington Post. And in New York Magazine, he portrayed his opinion that global warming is a good thing because a larger area of land will provide more space to produce food and ultimately support a lot more people. 


3. The List of A-List "Hypocrites"

A boat-load of celebrities are guilty of excessive, exclusive travelling in gas-guzzling machines, and MRCTV has shown a number of environmentalists have acknowledged the hypocrisy of supposed activists doing exactly this. Take James Cameron, who allegedly owns motorcycles, cars, dirt bikes, a yacht, a helicopter, a FLEET of submarines (who needs submarines!?) and a Humvee fire truck. Or frequent flier, John Travolta, with a total of 5 private jets at his disposal greased lightening up the sky with emissions. And then there's our environmental saviour Leo DiCaprio, stacking up private air miles, and making use of both a personal party yacht and another rented yacht (for business I guess). Looks like it may be better to practice what they preach, rather than what they do, when it comes to green living. 

So there it is. Our list of blue planet battlers and sustainability slumps. 

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