#Retromixerstory 4: Sustainability

Double taps are not only inconvenient but are also very wasteful when it comes to using up more water and thus throwing away useful energy.
Separate taps can be found all over the UK, in homes, offices and in public places as well as other countries around the world. Using them is very inefficient as the user has no control over the desired temperature. This is how the Retromixer's design came about - we have conducted tests analysing the water and energy from separate taps with and without the Retromixer to explore its environmental benefits.
'The methodology was based on using real test subjects undertaking day to day chores such as washing their face, hands and dishes (a spoon), using a double tap sink with and without a Retromixer. It was made with the objective of taking on site quantitative data regarding water consumption (in Kg/Liters) and water temperature (C/K).' (Adolfo Mejia Montero, 2017)
During testing, the subjects were asked to choose their preferred water temperature with and without using the Retromixer. 20 subjects from a variety of nationalities took part in this test. The tests prove that a person can save 37% of emissions yearly using a Retromixer - 180.03 kgCO2 eq in gas and 358.13 kgCO2 eq in electricity. Additionally, yearly UK emission with a Retromixer can save 2.19 MtCO2 eq.
To conclude, the results from the tests conducted show that while using a Retromixer with your double taps, you can save up to 35% on energy and up to 43% of water. This allows us to conclude that using a Retromixer for daily tasks can be a more sustainable solution (especially for those who cannot change their taps to a mixer) and can help significantly save water resources and reduce emissions linked to energy usage for heating, transporting and treating water.
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