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Intro: Everyday tips to reduce your carbon footprint (you lazy bastard!)

Intro: Everyday tips to reduce your carbon footprint (you lazy bastard!)

I've recently found that I may not be the best person for the environment, sustainability speaking, of course. My day-to-day is filled with assumed green do's and don'ts. I walk everywhere and frequently recycle (good, right?). But I am also very liberal with my clothing and food purchases. Over the next couple of weeks I will be looking into ways of making my lifestyle more environmentally friendly, so stay tuned!                                                                              

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If you're like me, you may be wondering what a carbon footprint even is. I looked it up: it's the result of the carbon dioxide (also referred to as CO2) that is released when fossil fuels like petrol, natural gas or coal are used to power the items we need for everyday tasks. CO2 is the by-product of burning those fuels. The amount of CO2 that is emitted on your part is your carbon footprint. This is the bad stuff causing climate change.

We all create CO2 everyday. In fact, your carbon footprint is increased by heating, transport, electricity (apparently the biggest contributor), rubbish and more.

I recently completed WWF's (World Wide Fund for Nature) test showing one's carbon footprint contribution, and was shocked to find that, despite my monumental walking, I contribute 151% of my personal share. This means over 50% more than any given person should be. You're welcome, don't hate me.  As well as asking about essential contributing factors mentioned above, the test reached this result through inquiring about my diet, home and even pet, which is crazy to think that even they have an effect! If you'd like to measure your carbon footprint, click here.

It's hard to admit but it might be time for a lifestyle change for the sake of the planet. But not too big a change- who has the time in our busy schedules to devote so much to sustainability? Also, I am a prime example of the titular term "lazy bastard".  So I'm going to explore how each of us can limit our carbon footprint at a limited effort through habit switches and alternative methods to everyday essentials. 

Ever wondered how to effortlesly reduce food waste, switch to renewable energy, or even what to do with old batteries? Stay tuned as I explore sustainable and affordable living each fortnight and find out how we can stomp down our carbon footprints with our feet up. 

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